The Working-From-Home Desk Setup in 10 Square Feet

September 21, 2020
Workbench Illustration

Updated Feb 2022: This post is out of date, and there’s a new post here with my latest equipment and setup

Working at home for an extended period of time has meant I stay in one place more often; No more walking from meeting room to meeting room. No outside meetings, walking 1:1s, and no lunch or coffee chats.

Less important: battery life, weight, simplicity. More important: screen space, comfort, efficiency.

Space efficiency was especially critical, as my work space is shared. Three key decisions let me pack it into about 10 sq. feet.

  1. Always stand. Generally better for you (take care of your joints though!) and no need for a chair.
  2. Get the smallest desk possible. Think carefully about what you really need on your desk, and how you can simplify and condense. My desk is very compact, and making that work meant attaching and mounting accessories to the sides and underside of the desk wherever possible.
  3. Get a divider. This helped separate my work space from the rest of the room physically and visually.

The equipment, as of July 2021:

Display and Keyboard